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For nearly 30 years, Royal Manufacturers management team and staff have committed themselves to continually improve their product quality and maintain superior customer service.

Our extensive product line along with our state of the art distribution facility on the West Coast makes “Royal Cook” the preferred brand of cookware for all wholesalers and retailers, not only in the United States, but also in Europe and all of Latin countries.

Our product line includes fry pans, stockpots, woks, griddles, cookware sets, steamer pots, pressure cookers, tea kettles, bbq grills, meat & corn grinders that come in various materials such as high grade stainless steel, aluminum and non-stick, carbon steel, porcelain enameled and cast iron. We also carry UL Approved small electric kitchen appliances such burners, rice cooker, citrus juicers etc.

We fulfill and ship orders from full container quantities to less than truck load orders. We pride ourselves in being true experts in the manufacturing and distributing field. We can ship within 24 hrs using the best and economical freight companies nationwide and international.

We are committed to continue to provide superior quality cookware and new products to the market.


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